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The 2015-2016 season of AWANA is kicking off Tuesday, September 15th!
It's not too late to join us!

We meet every Tuesday from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Please print out this permission slip, fill it in, sign it, and bring it with you on your first night. At least one parent / guardian should be present the first night to register their child(ren) for AWANA.

To make your club year more successful, please read the information pertaining to your child's club from their club's hyperlink and the information from the general information hyperlink. Thank you.
Other helpful resources:  
Kevin Carver,

Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed
II Timothy 2:15

AWANA clubs is a youth program that is designed to bring boys and girls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and train them to serve Him. Our AWANA club is divided into three different clubs: Cubbies, Sparks, and T and T.

AWANA is held on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this web-page to see each week's themes.

Cubbies is designed for boys and girls during the two years before they start Kindergarten. This is normally ages 3 & 4. The only requirement is that they are potty-trained. The Cubbies memorize Bible verses and have some neat hands-on projects to do with mom or dad. During the evening, Cubbies learning about our great God through a Bible story lesson, playing games, eating a special snack, and enjoying a puppet show.
Sparks is a club for boys and girls who are in Kindergarten, First Grade, or Second Grade. The Sparks are divided into those three different age brackets during the evening. During the evening, the Sparks have Green Meadow Time (a Bible lesson), Sparkle Time (Handbook memory and recitation), and Game Time. The Sparks also have special sections in their books in which they get to do projects with mom or dad.
T and T (Truth and Training)
T and T encompasses four clubs:
· Girls 3rd & 4th grades
· Girls 5th & 6th grades
· Boys 3rd & 4th grades
· Boys 5th & 6th grades
The four T and T books include sections of Bible memory, Bible study, special activities, and creative humor. Each evening, the T and T clubs have a Bible lesson, handbook time which includes Bible memory verses, and game time.
AWANA Specifics:
· Our AWANA club is run through Faith Baptist Church in Hamilton, NJ.
· We meet every Tuesday from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, beginning in early September.
· Each evening of AWANA is accompanied by a nightly theme. Themes may include: black out night, store night, pudding night, measles night, popcorn night, pizza night, backwards night, or Bible Hero night.
· We have some special activities that we do every year: AWANA Olympics, Sparks-A-Rama, AWANA Grand Prix, and AWANA Camp.
· The clubbers in all of the clubs learn memory verses and recite memory work to earn awards.
· Our clubbers each wear a club specific uniform. The uniform demonstrates which club they belong to and what awards they have received.
· To find out more about our AWANA club, you can visit us on the web at www.FBCchurch.org, e-mail our commander at Awana@FBCchurch.org, or call Faith Baptist Church at 609-585-9186.

The weekly schedule is coming soon!